Being The Change

Would you like to transform your town?

Become an intrinsic part of developing great UNITY and Home Education links in your home area?

Two Ways To Do This

Local Championing Customer

1. Become The Glue

Within Your Local Community

Embracing the Power of Reciprocity

Community Focused Unity

  • Join for Free – Take a Look Around One Base Home Ed MarketPlace
  • Search for Home Ed Listings and Recommend to Others
  • Add Your Free Home Ed Listings and Recommend to Others
  • Enjoy all Parts of the Site, Taking Part in Reviews and Challenges
  • List Events on What’s On and Attend Group Gatherings
  • Order an Acorns.Community Card to Unite with Local Businesses
  • Become a Mighty Business and Receive Off Peak Support for Free
  • Join our Social Corner – Mighty Roots and Find Your Vibe
  • Wear Your Merch to Reduce Others Search – in finding us!
  • Support Acorns.Community CIC and its’ Mission and Aims

Together We Grow Mighty

Get involved, Share, and Invite your own Home Ed Communities and local businesses to organically grow together in one space.

Without Censorship, Algorithms and Overwhelm

Discover family-friendly events and exciting attractions in your community, for all your education needs and pleasure. Get involved, grow together, and explore all that your community has to offer including local businesses and play a positive part in history changing from within, by the people!

Local Community Publisher

2. Become The Media

Work From Home Opportunity

Flexible and Community Based

Home and Family Rewarding

  • Become the Community Publisher for your Home Town
  • With Acorns.Community CIC Network, Branding and Collaboration
  • Our Hyper-local Websites, with your own e-commerce option built in!
  • As Part of ‘The Home Mission’ for easier Access to Home Businesses
  • You Will Receive a Fully Set Up Integrated Home Education Hub Site
  • Report, Write, Feature, Promote and Advertise Your Local Community
  • strives to be the go-to platform for educational families, connecting them to local media hubs and resources related to education otherwise than at school across the UK in each town.
  • Get Involved, Grow Together and Explore the Mighty Opportunities!

Now is the Time To Join Us

A grass roots opportunity to secure your spot. It is essentially a ‘Local Media Hub in a Box‘ that works around your family commitments.

You Receive 100% Of The Profits You Make

If you are keen to apply as this aligns with your lifestyle, desires and vision. You’d like to see what is involved with this fantastic ‘franchise style’ option but without the huge ‘franchisee fee’ to grow home education hubs around the UK and Be The Change. Join the family!

Every purchase and participation contributes to our CIC’s mission and aims.

We Are Here to Create Home Education Hubs

Where Mighty Oaks Grow

Connecting With Reciprocal Support

Building Thriving Communities

Local Businesses are at the heart of our economy and the growing Home Education Generation Era is GREAT NEWS for you! And its FREE!

Home Education has grown reportedly more than 50% since 2023 and are a new and rapidly growing off peak audience for your business! Lets get those off-peak tickets sold, those day seats taken and the orders placed!

As we are growing, we are starting to Build within Sussex and Kent initially and actively promoting and taking applications in these towns.

If you are outside of these areas and you feel you would be a good fit, please do not hesitate to apply as there is only one home- town opportunity per Community Publisher. Which Town is Yours to Transform?

Acorns.Community CIC

One Base Home Ed Marketplace for your Home Ed Listings

What’s On for Edu-tainment Events

Mighty Roots for a Social Corner Offline

Acorns.Community Card together with Mighty Businesses for Social Gatherings Offline

A ‘Franchise Style’ Business but without the Huge Franchise Fee

Building Local Home Education Hubs for your local Community Publishers. Its a ‘Local Media Hub in a Box

Its Part of Our Home Mission

Become the Go-To Parent and Community Publisher for your local area.

Be the Go-To Resource for advertising, local events, and articles on Acorns.Community as a Community Publisher in your home town.

I want to be a

Community Publisher when I Grow Up…

They are learning…

  • Freedom – The World is Your Office
  • Exploring New Places is Life
  • Creativity is Limitless, Always Let it Shine!
  • Making a Difference is Important
  • Inspiring Change Around Us
  • Small Actions – Big Impacts
  • Adventure Awaits Every Day
  • Being Your Own Boss Benefits
  • Making Your Own Schedule
  • Bringing Communities Together
  • Learning Never Stops
  • Flexibility and Adaptability are Key
  • Building Confidence Everyday
  • Sharing Real Stories, Real Lives
  • Discover New Connections Daily
  • Adventures in Communication
  • The Powers of Listening
  • Be The Change!

They are watching…

  • That you have the flexibility to set your own work hours, generate the content for your website and e-newsletter, and retain all the income you generate.
  • That you have an e-commerce site option on your hub to add all those fab products that you have been making and you now have the option to take online orders as well as face-to-face.
  • That you are learning new and valuable skills that helps you efficiently run your own Local Media Hub with a sense of pride. Equipping you to professionally manage your Advertising and Marketing Business from the comfort of your home or anywhere you choose.
  • That you have access to training and a growing community of mums and dads just like you with kids just like yours who can collaborate ideas together to achieve all your goals.
  • That whether you are a home-educating mum or dad or aspiring to be. This community role that revolves around the family will enable flexibility in your life whilst providing an online income, but is also an important responsibility as it will shape our sons and daughters futures.

They are understanding…

  • That Acorn.Community Publishers are a key support in their communities. They deliver mums and dads just like you with the goodies on the best things to do and places to go with kids in their hometown.
  • That Acorns.Community Publishers play a vital role in their local areas, offering valuable information to parents about exciting activities and family-friendly destinations in their hometowns.
  • That you were assertive in seizing your Acorns.Community home town publisher opportunity to join our network of mums, dads and home educating mentors who create hyper-local content in communities throughout the UK benefiting many small and independent businesses.
  • That with Acorns.Community One Base Home Ed MarketPlace and our Local Home Education Hubs with Local Media, it is making the fantastic activities for families and children in your area accessible and relieving the scroll!
  • That joining a growing community of parents, grandparents and home education advocates, with Acorns.Community, producing hyper-local content in their own communities across the UK is just one of the ways to Be The Change!

Would you like to be intrinsic to your local town’s success for family fun and education for now and the future?

Local Media Home Education Hubs

Creating Community Impact Through Collaboration

Home Grown – Home Sown – Wholesome Ideas and Solutions for the Future Of Our Children

Collaborate With Us

Be The Change

Every Purchase Contributes to Our CIC’s Mission and Aims.

We are a heartfelt home built organisation created and founded to solve the challenges within Home Education for the best interests of the community to;

  • Finding Your Tribe and Connecting With Your Tribe
  • Subsidised Holiday Workshop Camps – our HWC version of HAF Scheme
  • Building UK Wide Publisher Business Roles to Work Alongside Your Tribe
  • Creating Home Ed Community Events such as Sports Days, Proms etc
  • Trade Fairs, Local Business Events, Gatherings, Networking and more!

Come On In

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