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Seedling Package

Join the Community to Connect and Promote Your Home Ed Sessions

Who is this for? ALL Home Edders and Home Ed Providers who want a FREE robust base to connect and for their services to be found.

Plant the seed of community connection and nurture your home education journey with the Seedling Package. Join us to cultivate and promote your home education sessions.

  • 1 Category Community Listing
  • Logo, Intro, Media, Images
  • Session & Contact Details
  • Powerful Search & Filter
  • Learn More…

Growing Package

Growing Your Visibility and Reach INCLUDING a Booking Management Suite

Who is this for? Home Ed Providers who want more growth & scalability tools to accept bookings and more listings presence.

Expand your reach and cultivate success with the Growth Package. Seamlessly manage bookings while growing visibility & branching out into new listing opportunities.

  • Seedling Package PLUS
  • Up to 5 category listings
  • Stand Out and Be Featured
  • Booking Management Suite
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Mighty Package

Building Your Mighty Marketing Strategy on and off of Acorns.Community

Who is this for? Home Ed Providers who want to elevate their overall marketing game including funnels and outreach marketing and promotion.

Transform into mighty oaks with the Mighty Package, cultivating a comprehensive marketing strategy and establishing sturdy roots for external growth and on-site perks.

  • Growing Package PLUS
  • Lead Funnel & Magnet & Biolink
  • FREE Video Review & Blog Post
  • Monthly Newsletter Promotion
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Find Your Tribe – No More Endless Scroll!

Our Acorns.Community Listing is the BEST value around for promoting your home ed supporting business.

No silly ‘usual directory’ restrictions on whether you can add your logo, prices, images or video etc. You need all that as standard, as quite frankly you can do all that already on social media albeit within algorithms, shadow bans and scrolls!

So without the limitations and the low vibe, we include all of the searchable attributes needed with added SEO and much more!

PLUS your first listing as a Community Interest Company (CIC) is on us!

A really powerful and robust search and filter marketplace

Join Acorns.Community for FREE Today!

No bank card details are required to make or take bookings.

It is not a prerequisite as our booking management suite can handle your reminders, calendar and time slots with a notifications system so that you can continue to use cash payments if you choose, or use your own payment links for your online payments.

This means the prices you promote remain the same for the provider; educator, tutor and the end user; the learner, the mentor, the mum or dad. We do not charge as standard, payment processing % fees on your services to be a part of to get started where mighty oaks can grow.

We advocate choice. We are the One Base ~ Home Ed Marketplace. Where we are connecting aligned tribes.

Acorns.Community Growth and Mighty Support

What we do offer is GROWTH and MIGHTY support and you can check out our latest tools, packages and services that help enrich, give back valuable time, and most importantly are solutions OFF of BIG Tech Social Media! Within your dedicated home education niche and your targeted audience, and dependent on the tool or package, on your own branded website too! Building your marketing strategy and leads capture funnel.

Our Growing Acorns and Mighty Oaks Packages offer incredible value and time-saving benefits.


A One Base Home Ed MarketPlace that offers abundant FREE resources, encouraging focus and revisits to Acorns.Community

Home Education Generation Blog:

Check out the Blog dropdown menu below where you can learn about home education in three main areas;

  • Formalities – Legalities Roadmap to ‘Getting Started’!
  • Freedom – Lifestyle Choices and Hurdles in ‘Keeping Going’ and
  • Fun – Learning Tools and Tips along ‘The Journey!’ All part of the Home Mission.

There is also a FREE complimentary home education course that has been created in bitesize chunks so that you can absorb the information at your own pace, visually and literally.

As we understand there are some fantastic groups that are positioned on social media. However, for some, the overwhelm of the constant and ever revolving scroll can be a barrier to getting started and having the right mindset. With more and more leaving these platforms or reducing their time on there, we at felt it important to invest financially, the time and the energy into creating a safe and dedicated space just for you, for your learning and indeed unlearning to begin, in a quiet cosy corner of the internet just for you with a lovely cup of coffee! Or tea! We have nothing against tea!

Home Education Generation Articles:

The Word is Out has arrived!

Here are what some of our Acorns.Community are saying…

“Just what I have needed.”

I have been home educating for four years and I am so proud that home ed opportunities are growing so much, but I feel lost with where to find everything. Now with Acorns.Community I finally feel organised.”


“My go-to favourite tool!

Before I had notes everywhere! I remember when I was so glad when I got added to some local Whatsapp groups, but now I’m ecstatic with Acorns.Community. It is now my one base tool for a lot of my home ed! .”



This has been so needed and the fact Acorns.Community is so open to collaboration. There is no ego, just a pure game-changing opportunity for all our home ed groups to participate and be a part of. Makes home ed life easier.”


Our Community, Growth and Mighty Packages…

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