Acorns.Community CIC has been created as a Community Interest Company that uses its profits for public good.

Community Impact Through Collaboration

Mission Statement:

To become the go-to resource nationwide via hyper-locally produced content together with our collaborative tribes of;

Family Focused Education Listings and Events

Families creating engaging content in a dedicated safe space that empowers growth and strength for education choices and connection all over the UK.

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Local Businesses, Trade Fairs & Workshops

Making it easier for local businesses to reach families and a valuable off-peak audience. Enriching offline connection with face to face Community Events.


Supporting Community Publishers’ Roles

Pivotal members producing family lifestyle content that serves their home towns whilst supporting their family in this economy within home education.

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The Power Of Reciprocity – Helping Each Other.

Investment into Acorns is Investment into your Home Ed Community

The more Acorns.Community grows, not only is that building connections. But the more mighty the ability to invest back into our community on the goals of our local people. Government HAF (holiday and food) programmes was set up in 2018 for those in receipt of FREE school meals through school holiday periods.

Acorns.Community plans to set up a similar initiative with subsidised HWC (Holiday Workshop Camps) specifically for those that are home educated who made the financial decision to solely support their son’s and daughter’s education for the welfare of their family.

So every home ed beneficial purchase you choose to invest in will go towards benefitting the Home Ed Community as a whole. Reciprocal Energy! It’s powerful what we can create together and HWC is just the start!

Acorns.Community will be looking at creating around the UK; Proms, Sports Days, Plays – all the things we enjoyed, should still be for Home Edders too!

Not forgetting, we will be looking at specific mum and dad retreats and socials too!

Our Community Publishers, Our Local Businesses and our Network of Enlightened Souls around the UK will be central to our aligned mission.

To learn more about how you can become a Community Publisher and how that could benefit your family too, please visit here. or a Mighty Business, reach us here.

Home Education during or after school hours – collaboration welcome.

Your One Base Home Ed MarketPlace – Acorns.commUNITY

Is for those that would like easier access to resources related to education otherwise than at school for ages 0-adults.

Join us in creating Community Impact through Collaboration.


Our Recommended Independent Website:

The Home Mission’ Core Values and Services

The core of Acorns.Community aligns with many of The Home Mission’s principles and values. That is, everything starts at home and the only way to live life with freedom, is to be able to access choice, informed knowledge and have the ability to question everything for your family and apply what you feel is right, rather than what you are told.

We believe we are here to create where we can build life on our own terms that is right for your families, whether that is home ed, home business, home healing or all three!

These sister service organisations, were established with the goal of empowering individuals ‘Access to Home Healing’ and ‘Access to Home Business’ to and Access to tools that compliment ‘Home Education Generation’ era in addition to your FREE services via Acorns.Community which is dedicated to benefiting the community it serves as part of its CIC mission and aims.

If you would like to further your own Home Mission, you can independently visit the businesses below created by Acorns.Community CIC Founding Director – Donna Marie, that support her own home education journey with her two young daughters. These websites provide ‘templates and tools’, ‘friendly funnels and ‘gorgeous graphics’, to help you on your own personal journey of your home mission, saving you time and your energy which is valuable,

Together with the Community Publisher roles with your very own work from home ‘Local Media Hubs’, are opportunities for the home mission to help live life on your own terms, to make life a little easier to navigate and to help you build your dream lifestyle too.

The ethos has always been; ‘use your journey to shorten others’. We gift you our journey, as time is the most precious gift we have.

Being on a home mission, and heart centred, together we can create a ripple of effective and impactful change.

Let’s end the struggle, we are here to create and our collaborative solutions can enable a Home Education Lifestyle!

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