MIGHTY ROOTS – acorns corner

Every purchase and participation contributes to our CIC’s mission and aims.

A Social Platform

just for Home Education

10 Million!

Groups and Niches

Is that level of navigation fun for anyone?

Instead feel the zen, clear the mind and focus on Home Education in a Home Education cosy corner of the internet to build dedicated connections

Want to be Off of BIG Tech Social Media for your Home Ed?

Mighty Roots – acorns corner has the familiar user interface for easier navigation but without the distractions, the never-ending scroll and the low vibe.

Community Impact through Collaboration

We welcome all genuine home education groups to have their own private space within Mighty Roots – acorns corner

As collaboration is the only way for true community impact

The Prior Experience:

  • We’ve all had that experience of logging into a group to only be distracted by the scroll and an hour of our precious time goes by without achieving our goal.
  • We all know that the education of our little ones is far too valuable to be left to Big Tech Social Media with a team of bots led by algorithm’s and agendas.
  • Stories are heard too often of those who have suffered removal, censorship or simply lack of notifications and restricted use which are the issues entrusting valuable and vital information to a faceless BIG corporation that doesn’t have Home Education at its core as its passion and interest.
  • While it may appear to be a convenient and simple choice initially, we should consider the potential consequences of sharing posts about our children in a public domain on a platform that isn’t all about home education.
  • Some people have chosen not to use these platforms, so could be missing out on community. Or are reluctantly on them as there appears to be no other choice for a source of home education information.

The Harsh Reality …

The Mighty RootsAcorns Corner Transformation

The Happy Place

It’s time to initiate a shift!

Join us in establishing a secure sanctuary and cosy corner dedicated solely to nurturing communities within the realm of home education. This safe space is a haven tailored exclusively to attract genuine supporters of home education, empowering us to engage online on our own terms and foster connections that extend into face-to-face meet-ups.

We are here to create! cic

Every Participation Contributes to Our CIC’s Mission and Aims.

We are a heartfelt home built organisation created and founded to solve the challenges within Home Education for the best interests of the community to;

  • Finding Your Tribe, Resources and Connecting With Your Tribe
  • Subsidised Holiday Workshop Camps – our HWC version of HAF Scheme
  • Building UK Wide Publisher Business Roles to Work Alongside Your Tribe
  • Creating Home Ed Community Events such as Sports Days, Proms etc
  • Trade Fairs, Local Business Events and Networking and more!

For something so meaningful it needs to be protected

  • We have solely used our time and personal funds to invest in software to build the platforms in-house to create solutions for home education.
  • Acorns.Community CIC is set up as a Community Interest Company which means the assets are for the benefit of the community and remain so.
  • Mighty Roots – acorns corner will need continuous maintenance and yearly payments for plugin extensions and upgrades to provide rich features.
  • To attempt to avoid bots, the disingenuous and to attract only true home education supporters and educators that you want to share space with.
  • We have introduced a unique and collaborative way to reciprocally share whilst aiming to build only our true and valuable tribe.

How it works

Where Mighty Oaks Grow

A Small Paywall and a Small Yearly Fee

Reciprocal Support

Circa 70% of Initial Fee Returned in a Gift Card

Building Thriving Communities

Wear Your Merch to Streamline Others Search

Purposely Made for the Home Education Generation Era

A Community Of Real Nourishing SupportACORNS.

Just like in nature, our MIGHTY ROOTS network with each other to help one another to grow.

A haven to feel grounded, like a tree, whilst raising our little acorns high. 

You can vibe with your tribe in a safe space off of BIG tech social media, to build offline connections. 

Our cosy community corner of the internet is where you can share tips, online learning rooms and circle times.

With the mums, dads, mentors and other home educators and trusted groups.

But more importantly, we build the villages that raise our kids.

So that our sons and daughters can build relationships with their peers locally and around the UK.

Created by Home Edders for Home Edders

Acorns.Community CIC believes a suitable education;

is one which prepares us all to live and thrive in the community to which we belong and aspire to be in.

Mighty Roots – acorns corner


A Home for the Home Educators!

Mighty Roots – acorns corner is a fantastic option of having our own home ed social corner as part of the Acorns.Community site which is providing solutions in one place!


Another Amazing Solution to Reduce Overwhelm.

Having One Base to be able to manage my Home Education via the searches on the marketplace together with an area that I build home ed connections is just brilliant. Keep up the good work.


I dislike traditional social media, so this is great!

I removed myself from all mainstream social media as it just doesn’t resonate with me. However, it does mean connections can be lost. So the fact this is privately built and CIC owned is fab.


Every purchase and participation contributes to our CIC’s mission and aims.

Every purchase and participation contributes to our CIC’s mission and aims.

FAQ’s – Mighty Roots -acorns corner -Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mighty Roots -Acorns Corner and what does it offer?

Mighty Roots – Acorns Corner is a professionally built social media platform that was born as an addition to the Acorns.Community CIC plethora of solutions to unite local communities within the Home Education realm. It was created after the last four years seeing numerous accounts on BIG tech social media platforms with individuals suffering from censorship and restrictions as well as 1000’s leaving the platform due to not enjoying it any longer due to the energy and overwhelm of finding home education groups amongst the millions of groups and so being hard to navigate.

We offer the opportunity to connect and help create beautiful friendships, connections and communities. Together we are powerful. It. is a place for sharing tips, online learning rooms and conversation circle times as well as good old company off of the large scale public domains with likeminded souls that can be nurtured into meeting offline too.

How do I join Mighty Roots – Acorns Corner?

By selecting one of the ‘I want to join’ buttons on this page will take you to the independent professionally built in-house platform that is on the Mighty Roots – acorns corner home page.

There you can discover more specifics about the features and user look and feel of the site and then you have the option to select any of the buttons named ‘join’ ‘grow your tribe today’ and ‘I want to join’ and you will be asked to pay a small fee which you will receive circa 70% of this fee as a gift card to be able to use for the merchandise available.

This is done for four reasons:

1) It means we attract the right audience who are truly home educator supporters

2) The small yearly fee is kept low as this model helps to spread awareness to support the CIC’s mission and aims

3) The merchandise has quirky slogans and high vibe messages to shed an attractive light on home education to help spread awareness and

4) Unfortunately these platforms cost £1000’s of pounds to make, including 100’s of hours and ongoing maintenance and costs. The success of reciprocal sharing and collaboration model will help keep these costs low.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Becoming a member gives you access to the whole platform currently, so that is a perk of joining early. As the platform grows with content including courses, webinars and online meetings and podcasts etc. There may be different tiers of membership introduced. However, it is with full access currently for literally a few pounds a year for a safe space for all in the home education realm.

What are the membership costs?

As we may include special offers from time to time, please check the Mighty Roots – acorns corner membership page for the current prices.

With our special pre-launch – you can have access to the whole platform for the total price of £15 and we are giving you in return a £10 gift card to redeem against merchandise of your choice that goes on to helping support the platform as well the CIC’s mission and aims. Wear your merch proudly to help reduce others search. Meaning help spread aware ness of as it benefits the platform and yourself.

With a proposed pre-launch annual membership of just effectively just a £1 a month (£12 annually) ongoing. We hope that the success of our unique reciprocal sharing and collaboration model will help continue this low cost as we want to be able to deliver to you more content and feature rich services too. We want to help you make beautiful connections on a home education dedicated site. Therefore, we’ve made this competitively priced and affordable in these challenging times.

What types of content and discussions can I expect on Mighty Roots – Acorns Corner ?

There will be user generated content from Home Educators, Supporters, Advocates and Groups. This will be on the activity feeds, within conversation circles and upon our Media Blog page that will include news and updates, community experts and a place for all to collaborate on the content which can be shared to grow and promote our community. There will also be courses free and paid as well as podcasts, webinars and online meetings. Acorns.Community’s ethos is growth and collaboration and as a community we can do that together in our cosy corner of the internet, where mighty oaks can grow.

How active is the community and how often are posts made?

Mighty Roots – acorns corner is a grassroots own brand social media platform solution that is new and growing. On Mighty Roots home page we will be updating the numbers on the Activity Feed, Members, Circles of Interests, Topics Created, Upcoming Events. Acorns.Community CIC will make updates each week and users have unlimited ability to create posts and useful information and questions. We want the community to be a valuable source of information, therefore always first seek to answer and give back as a priority, so that your engagement is helpful as well as asking questions to be helped.

Can I connect with other members and build relationships within the community?

Yes absolutely! You can add friends, public message, private message (with due respect to becoming friends first, and asking for permission to private message), view profiles, engage on each others posts via emoji reactions, likes, comments and ethical shares. You can join groups and create groups as standard currently. This may become a feature in a different tier to help manage the platform efficiently as we grow in the future. Building beautiful connections is exactly why we built this ourselves, so that is a safe have for our home education tribes coming together for true collaboration online and into offline friendships.

Are there any guidelines or rules for participating in the community ?

Any rules and guidelines we have are standard common courtesy, however for clarity, they are as follows and can be updated here at any time:


We all want a community that is wholesome, so please be considerate of one another and please do not spam or privately message at indecent hours and remember this is a community of friends, not a Home Education service. Although sharing and caring for one another means that we are more powerful together and knowledge shared is knowledge grown.

For anything requiring the attention of Acorns.Community CIC, please email with the subject header ‘Mighty Roots – acorns corner‘ as private messages are not routinely monitored.

There is NO SELF PROMOTION aside what is written on your profile. Our ethos is to helpfully engage. Therefore, if you are present, informative and engaging, people have the choice to check out your profile but there are to be NO posts directing people to check out your profile. All business listings are to be placed on the One Base Home Ed Marketplace and ‘Whats On‘ for events which you can provide links to on your profiles. The reason for this, is Acorns.Community CIC was created in mind to reduce overwhelm and never- ending scrolls. The Marketplace and the What’s On tabs can be easily filtered and managed by the end user when the need arises and helps our home ed community tremendously as we need to manage information overload. The Events on Mighty Roots – acorns corner refer to online events created by Acorns.Community CIC.

ETHICAL SHARING means that shareable posts are shared only within the confines of Mighty Roots – acorns corner and not for the public domain. Posts that can be shared outside of Mighty Roots – acorns corner are Media Post Blogs created by Acorns.Community CIC as these are intended for knowledge, education and information as well as promotion and growth.

NO COPYING – Only ethical sharing is permitted as the content belongs to the creator and our membership is based on trust, ethicality, loyalty, friendship, and community.


Inappropriate behaviour is to be avoided totally and that is anything that causes other members upset, anxiety, embarrassment, distress or anguish.

Language that is abusive, blasphemous, deceptive, defamatory, derogatory, discriminatory, disparaging, false, fraudulent, harassing, illegal, immoral, indecent, inflammatory, insulting, intimidating, libellous, malicious, misleading, obscene, offensive, political, pornographic, predatory, prejudice, profane, racist, sexist, sexually explicit, threatening, violent, vulgar or xenophobic or which otherwise promotes and encourages hatred or any threatening conduct is considered to be inappropriate language.

The use of inappropriate language or behaviour will result in the immediate termination your Mighty Roots- acorns corner membership without refund or recourse.

Any other infringements of the above rules and guidelines will need to be rectified immediately after the first honest mistake to avoid membership termination. We take the privacy and enjoyment of our members very seriously and we hope that everyone helps one another to create a HIGH VIBE environment as it our home education safe haven realm to protect and enjoy.


If you need to report a member for inappropriate behaviour, please follow these steps:

Email us with ‘REPORT A MIGHTY ROOTS MEMBER’ in the subject heading

Include a screenshot of the offensive content or rule or guideline infringement clearly showing it within the Mighty Roots – acorns corner platform

Include the name and profile picture of the offending member with a description. We really appreciate that you’re helping us to keep Acorns.Community CIC and Mighty Roots – acorns corner as safe as we can.

We will investigate your report and take any appropriate action.

How do I access the community platform? Is there a mobile app available?

Mighty Roots – acorns corner is currently a web app and all functionalities can be also be used on the majority of all android & iphones. If you do experience any issues with a particular phone, just let us know and we will see what we can do to help. A dedicated mobile app cost ££££’s and we hope to have that on the roadmap for you. So keep sharing the platform, wear your merch, share our media and we can make future developments possible.

Can I customise my profile and preferences within the community?

Yes – no problem! You can customise your profile; your profile image including your profile visibility settings. You are able to set your notification settings. You can restrict group invites to friends only if you choose and you can request your own personal data export and you can choose light or dark mode for visibility preference.

Is there a free trial period or money back guarantee for membership?

Currently we have one tier which enables ‘full access’ to the platform with a low contribution of circa £5 for the year with an initial payment of £15 which includes the £5. Our reciprocal share and collaborate method requires the total £15 to be paid which includes a gift card circa £10 to be used for merchandise to help spread awareness to Acorns.Community CIC and Mighty Roots and both are required for a valid membership. Whilst we cannot provide. a refund for the £5, we can cancel your membership and provide a refund for the circa £10 that would have been given to you as a gift card as long as this has not been redeemed for merchandise.

We value our community and we would hope that we can rectify if there are any issues or concerns, so please feel free to email us so that we can help.

If you would like to cancel your membership We would hate to lose you, but we’ve made this simple for you if you decide to go. Go to your settings, you can cancel easily in there. Your subscription will continue until your current plan ends; refunds are not given. We hope that you will change your mind and decide to stay with us

What happens if I encounter technical issues?

Please do reach out and email us and we will do our best to help you.

Are there any additional features or perks for premium members?

Currently there is a flat rate fixed membership rate with full access to the whole platform. So early adopters will be receiving all features and perks available at present. As the platform grows, there will be additional features and as it expands, it will be necessary to introduce tiers, being free and paid to manage the platform efficiently for its members. Whilst in pre-launch, its great to join as for a very low flat fee for the year, you will have all those benefits, features and perks inside your annual membership .

Can I cancel my membership at any time, and what is the process for doing so?

We will be sorry to see you go and we welcome you back if you want to return at a later stage. To cancel email us with subject ‘Cancel Mighty Roots Membership’ and we will help you with this. Cancellations will take immediate effect and no refunds are given.

What is a design collaboration?

We have a design collaboration opportunity. This is where we will design merchandise with your brand for free in collaboration with CIC and your merch styles can be chosen by the home education members on Mighty Roots – acorns corner to spread more awareness of your brand. The fees received will be used to strengthen the platform further as well as Acorns.Community CIC’s mission and aims. We can write a media blog article for you specifically regarding the merch collaboration and to promote your services for free. If you have helpful pre made items that you would want to include on the merch store. Please email us as we are always open to collaboration ideas.

I have some improvement suggestions/design ideas – who do I contact?

We are always open to design ideas and improvement suggestions as we truly believe Community Impact Through Collaboration is key.

How does Acorns.Community CIC and Mighty Roots – acorns corner prioritise member privacy and data security?

At Acorns.Community CIC, we take member privacy and data security very seriously. We have robust measures in place to safeguard your personal information and ensure that your data remains private and secure. Our platform is designed with encryption protocols and strict access controls to prevent unauthorised access to member data. Additionally, we adhere to industry best practices and comply with relevant privacy regulations to uphold the highest standards of data protection. You can trust that your privacy is our priority, and we are committed to maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your information at all times.

Please find links to all of our documentation links here: Our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service .

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