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Becoming a Mighty Acorns Business is Rewarding

If you are a business that would like to let your ever growing home education local community know that you welcome their business and their support in your Off-Peak periods of the day, of the month, of the year. Not only will you be attracting an audience in your quieter times of income.

But you will be helping to create perpetual support and promoting local unity to support one another. A Home Educator has often made the hard financial decision and change of lifestyle to home educate as they felt it was in the best interests for their family and they are prime customers to engage with.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

Vincent Van Gogh

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.”

Helen Keller

Increase Your Business in Your Off-Peak Periods

When we come together locally, across our communities, we can find ways to help one another, especially during these economic times. It is in these moments that we also demonstrate action, showing that solutions can be found within our communities for our neighbours, friends, and families. Importantly, you will also inadvertently enrich a child’s education.

Any Business Could Benefit From Off Peak Support card

Your Business Will Gain New Audience Support

Your Business Could Be Supporting A Child’s Education

By making essential savings, mums and dads can enhance their son or daughter’s education and experiences, while choosing to spend with you!

  • Becoming a Mighty Business is FREE
  • Off-Peak Discounts and Deals which are Attractive to Home Educators
  • Different to other Community Cards in That it Isn’t Just About Rewards
  • Lots of Promotional Opportunities Online and In-Person Events
  • A Meaningful ‘Child & Family Led’ Purpose
  • Potentially a Brand New Audience, Consumer Base For Your Growth
  • Home Education Generation Era is here Creating Opportunities of Solutions and Connections
  • Unique Leverage of Referrals and Share Links To Increase Your Visibility
  • Local Community Publishers Packages Available to Increase Your Reach
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What Makes Us Unique and Special

Benefits For Your Business

Our Acorns.Community platform serves as a hub for Home Education Families and Home Educators showcasing home education resources and valuable information which means that visitors returning often and are looking for a diverse array of solutions and local businesses.

Encouraging use of the card will encourage perpetual support and promote local unity and reciprocity. This inspires your hometown communities to mutually benefit and will create growth.

You can visit Acorns.Community CIC for our Mission and Aims and About Us & Our Values and be apart of the change.

Dedicated Target Market

Our Acorns.Community platform is a unique and original bridge between you and the Home Educators audience. Family focused families are keen on uncovering and exploring new shopping, dining, and leisure destinations.

Increased Growth

By extending discounts or exclusive deals to Acorns.Community cardholders, businesses can allure a greater number of customers and bolster their revenue streams especially in your Off-Peak periods.

Increased Visibility

By featuring on our platform, businesses gain enhanced visibility, drawing the attention of potential customers who may have otherwise been unaware of their presence.

Extra Revenue Services

As our mutual audience is home education and enriching children’s lives and experiences. Your business may have unused space to offer as a venue, or services for group tuition or workshops or masterclasses.

Events and Networking

There will be opportunities for businesses to interact with their local community and establish connections and opportunities.

Cost Effective Marketing

Acorns.Community CIC offers businesses an extra avenue to promote themselves to potential customers, without bearing the hefty expenses typically associated with traditional advertising channels. A unique and diverse platform for you.

Community Engagement

Acorns.Community CIC is dedicated to cultivating a community of local businesses and home educators. Businesses can exhibit their offerings, entice fresh customers, and foster engagement within their community.

Acorns.Community is a CIC

A CIC is a Community Interest Company which means it has been set up for the benefit of the community it serves and any profits created is invested back into the organisation for community and home education projects.

A New Exciting Solution to Be Part Of

Creating Change Through Collaboration takes many for it to work. Be Part Of the Change. The world needs to change and needs solutions. Acorns.Community CIC intends to be create a legacy of collaboration. In essence, the platform serves as an additional avenue for businesses to exhibit their offerings, entice fresh customers, and foster engagement within their local community.

FAQ’S – Partners ‘Mighty Businesses’- Frequently Asked Questions

What is required of my business?

In return for a dedicated marketing platform introducing you to targeted niche of home educators who have multiple reasons daily, weekly and monthly to visit Acorns.Community which means multiple opportunities of your information being seen for the first time or reminded of. All we ask is that you provide a generous discount to valid cards and spread the word about Acorns.Community CIC.

What are Acorns.Community Cards?

Acorns.Community Cards are membership cards which are fantastic value for money. They serve a unique niche and solution. At the point of purchase, the offers provided by Acorns.Community CIC alone represent savings that means the purchase price makes sense to go ahead. Which means the uptake of the cards is attractive together with local business offers really creates reciprocity and unity. Users can redeem any of the discounts listed on this website. However, you just have a valid Acorns.Community Card to redeem the discounts. Home Educators love to spend local and love Off-Peak quieter times for them and their families.

What is the benefit of partnering with Acorns.Community CIC now?

Partnering as soon as possible has huge beneficial reasons. We are a new project that has been accepted as a Community Interest company and as. a result is receiving lots of positive attention and is wanting to create positive change, especially to the lives of children and building their futures. So aside from the fact, this is. a very wholesome project solving many problems on a One Base Home Ed MarketPlace and creating roles such as Local Community Publishers. Having your business listed online as early as possible will mean Home Educators will see your proposition and can become early adopters of your products and services.

How will Acorns.Community Card holders discover my business?

You will be listed under ‘Mighty Businesses’ with listings that are SEO friendly, meaning they will be found on search engines for those doing a general search and will be found by existing members upon the site too via your business name, keywords, location or category as well as visual images created on your listing. There is a QR Code on the back of their cards to get to the Deals Map that is updated regularly and is an easy way for cardholders to get to the site quickly. You will have a unique url to share that you can use in your independent marketing. We will be providing window stickers where possible to show our collaboration. So local in person marketing as well as online promotional marketing of the site will increase traffic also. There is an abundance of information and reasons to visit Acorns.Community CIC, therefore your business can be discovered more easily and especially if you list with an attractive discount offered.

What are the marketing opportunities for my business?

You will have a FREE listing under Mighty Businesses. Your unique URL link can be shared by yourself and your community. Reviews within your listing are a fantastic way of promoting your services and products and creating return custom and increasing new introductions. There are also opportunities to work with local Community Publishers who can provide an even more targeted local approach for your business with multiple opportunities such as local banners, local featured listings and local community articles and much more.

Is there a referral scheme?

Yes. For every new business you introduce, you will receive credit for a spotlight feature of your business which means your business will have multiple ways of being seen in addition to keyword search, search engines and within your category. Marketing with Acorns.Community CIC ‘Mighty Businesses’ is free and makes sense for any business to be listed who wants to take advantage of the exposure to a new and exciting dedicated platform marketed especially to home educated families and the home educator providers.

What is a Valid Acorns.Community Card?

Cards printed after March 2024 will expire on 30th June 2025. The date of expiry will be available on the back of the card and we ask that you check that the card is valid when presented. Likewise cards printed after March 2025 will expire on 30th June 2026 and will be available to purchase from April 2025 and will continue in this manner annually. There will be an auto membership renewal facility to avoid members missing out on savings. If you are presented with a customer that has an invalid card, you do have the option to purchase wholesale to hold cards on site that you will profit from these renewals. From 1st July each year there will be many renewals and potential home educators who haven’t signed up as yet and to save time can purchase their card from yourselves. This represents our true collaboration style, as we want to truly partner with you to ensure success to all involved and the success of your business and Acorns.Community CIC which has been set up for the benefit of the community.

What happens if a member of my team mistakenly does not accept a valid card?

To avoid this, try to inform all of those working within your business knows of the Acorns.Community Card as spreading the word of the cards is financially beneficial to you for all home educators who visit you to have a card. (See above in What is a valid Acorns.Community Card) and is part of a much bigger impact in creating community solutions to the Community Interest Company. However, if this does happen, not to worry, Acorns.Community Cardholders will always let us know if this happens and expect a call from us and we can sort it out together.

Can I amend the discount/offer?

Yes of course. Just contact us and we can update your page for you, We want to provide you with new and repeat customers and therefore offers that are attractive and promote your business effectively is the key to good marketing.

Can I withdraw from the partnership?

Yes. Please provide a 14 day notice period so that we can provide an expiry date and existing members will be aware that the offers/discounts are expiring. Your ‘Mighty Business’ listing page will then be unpublished. Mighty Business partners may prefer to pause an offer, or change the offer or provide a limited daily amounts of an offer instead of termination.

Can you help me with social media and brand marketing?

Yes. These services are competitively priced and are via our own marketing company; Access Media Agency. We have many (DFY) done for you marketing packages that are sure to help you with your aims. If you visit to book a time to discuss together, we look forward to having a chat with you.

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