Here’s the most important thing you need to know: we’re more than just a directory.

Acorns.Community is an amazingly awesome one -base, Home Ed Marketplace. Firstly, we help home-ed families and home-ed providers connect on their home education journeys.

Secondly, Acorns.Community helps build communities to help take away the overwhelm!

From currently having to search streams of social media newsfeeds, and never-ending amounts of groups! With crucial information predominantly in an endless scroll model which gets longer each day.

That is then increased even more so with multiple platforms that are simply not designed to make it easy to navigate all that vital information on usually large social media platforms that access could be lost to at any time.

Acorns.Community …where mighty oaks grow.

– let’s grow together, creating hubs together!

Let’s face it, home education for our little ones is far too important to leave it in the hands of Big Tech Social Media and the CEO’s team of bots! Who determine via algorithms and agendas whether it’s important to show you home education updates, news, and events.

These platforms house as many as 10 million groups across 1000’s of niche’s! A home edder requires only a smaller but vital section of this. Amongst the noise it can sometimes take years to find the true gems!

Severe impact occurs to home ed journeys when there are limitations or removal of accounts. These tend to be for extremely vague reasons! Users receiving unwarranted censorship to profiles, removing visibility and participation to groups that they were members of. Thus causing disruption as many have become heavily reliant upon a platform that distracts and steals valuable time from them.

This is with a company many have little trust with, that despite having many users to serve, do not even make it easy to contact them if the need arises!

Ultimately, these are just some of the many reasons of popularity decline and why many people are leaving or are limiting their use of these large platforms. Including disliking the overwhelm of the scroll, missing vital information, and experiencing a low vibe!

Literally so many are hanging on by a thread of resonance to remain upon them!

It’s time for change!

A Shift!

Its time for us to build communities in our own niche on our own platforms! So that we can connect online on our own terms and then convey this face to face with meet ups.

The One Base Home Ed MarketPlace Transformation

= The Prior Experience

= The Harsh Reality

= The Happy Place


Since 2023

Acorns. Community CIC has been in development for more than a year. Due to being completely self funded with focus on many areas interconnecting for the whole solution and wholesome collaboration.

As a result, we are excited to have API collaboration with Days of the Year who have 120,000 followers. We feel this is a valuable source of a daily home education challenge.

Their child approach focuses on the fact, that every day is a learning day and every day that resonates can be celebrated. Equally, more great collaborations will be announced.

In addition, Acorns seeks to bring you all the tools for community benefit. That is why we invested time and funds to internally build our very own WordPress social platform as it is vital to have a cosy corner that is just us!

Building Community Publishers

To begin with, Acorns.Community has been born out of the passion and desire to see change! Then to witness connection and collaboration from people who want to make a difference in their communities, in a wholesome way.

Therefore, we are super proud and excited by the growth that Acorns can achieve and we welcome the journey of gaining a diverse and talented team.

Furthermore, in times like these, it is important to ensure that we self-employ ourselves. Not only does that give us more autonomy over our own lives, but it also enables the ability to home-educate.

So it was important to build this ‘one base’ community site with the aim in mind to help others gain an online income to home ed.


Thus, we are aiming with dedicated support, to work with hundreds of community publishers all over the UK.

Ultimately, this will create online businesses for home educators, homemakers and change-makers where they can have more flexibility in their lives as well as being able to spend more quality time with their children.

Particularly, being the change of enriching their own local town area. Such as, with what’s on, advice, and connecting with local supportive businesses

Self Empowerment is key!

Hence the communities can upload their own home education services to their local towns. Together with meet-ups and many hubs to expand upon for socials, face to face.

Acorn.Community’s Core Values


Deliver a mind-blowing experience.
Everything we do is with the goal of delighting you, our community member.

Be thoughtful and kind.
We want to treat everyone well and in a way, we’d like to be treated ourselves.

Infuse the world with fun.
Life’s too short to be gloomy, hopefully, we’ll bring a smile to your face.

Stand behind each other.
We’ve got your back! We’ll always try to be there when you need us.

Our team is driven by your success.

Every single day, we’ll grow the site for your home education journey and we together will provide opportunities to enable success, connection and the ability to thrive.

Its a new home education generation era, which is a lifestyle of freedom and empowerment. is dedicated to building freedom and choices within local communities.

Our History

Acorns.Community CIC was born in Sussex (2023) by a dedicated full-time home-educating mum since 2020, with her two daughters, in 2023, were aged 7 and 9 years.

It was recognised over the last circa 4 years whilst being heavily involved in volunteering projects within the home education and community space. That mums and dads were empowering themselves and forming local groups together. Collaborating on their home education journeys in each of their local areas.

Acorns.Community CIC with One Base Home Ed Marketplace is to help facilitate that inner mission amongst many dedicated mums and dads.

As together we are stronger and we can have many hubs around the country!

Easily connecting and becoming a huge support for each other. Hubs must not be mistaken as needing the requirement of physical permanent fixtures with huge long-term overheads.

Hubs can be around a shared kitchen table between a few families. A park meet-up. A beach walk. A group library visit. As well as temporary and ad hoc hiring of halls when needed.

Additionally this may include attending recommended tutors in the local area. They are usually providing quality home education from the comfort of their own homes around their own children who they also home educate.

There are forest schools, low cost attractions and home ed groups, which can also be complimented with some online education and collaboration.

Acorns.Community CIC is here to facilitate in any way that it can, the new Home Education Generation era.

Our Promise

Acorns.Community CIC is a platform dedicated to building communities. 1. Building connection. 2. Building clarity. 3. Building possibility!

Meet the Creator and Founder

What Donna Marie has learned during her home-ed journey is that mums, dads, and home-educating families, want true freedom, free flexibility and to be able to choose their view each and every day. To have the choice of where you home educate, have varied locations and most importantly that it is parent and child-led.

Because its true, the nurture of Acorns – means mighty oaks do grow. By being part of a UK-wide community, you don’t have to be stuck in one place, or even one county. Those fantastic connections you may have made, or wish to make, across the borders, will have hubs to connect with.

Therefore, a quality community resource website where you can meet likeminded people, great tutors, other mentors and home edders exists now to create the opportunities of quality face-to-face connections that have a unified purpose, To help make the future better for children.

Search and Promote!

A Collaborative Online Resource and Nurturing Services

A C O R N S. community – ADD YOUR LISTING FOR FREE! – join as a member for free!

Donna Marie is the Creator and Founding Director of Acorns.Community CIC with the Home Education Hubs. A little background, in the mid 90’s; Donna Marie started at 18 years old working for large financial corporations for 6 years and then for more than 20 years plus, gained incredible experience of working in Digital Marketing with top end agencies as a Marketing Consultant, helping local businesses reach their target audiences by advertising in well known print publications and directories and on local community websites as well as freelance via her own agency.

In 2009, using her gained experience there was a large investment (£10,000+) of time and money into the development of franchised local ‘community sites’ around the Sussex and Kent areas with huge success. Only two years after creating her first social media profile, which was still growing in at the time! The aim is to bring this ‘local’ concept back again, as favour is declining with BIG TECH Social Media, and our own community sites being run by the people within our own local hometowns is the goal! But without the huge franchise ticket prices. Enabling the people to be the change!

Community Publishers will make a difference in their home towns and within home education via a supportive network and platform that is Acorns.Community.

Be the Change!

Would you like to join us and become a Community Publisher in your Hometown?

work from home opportunity in a niche you are in every day! Home education!

In 2020 Donna Marie became a full-time home-educating mum to her two young daughters aged 6 and 4 at the time, whilst building and working closely with a huge team from around the UK of heart-centred volunteers, renovating a home-ed community centre for like-minded parents in the Sussex countryside. To now building a wholesome UK wide network of Home Education Hubs via hyperlocal community websites with a marketplace and community that helps to build connections offline and provide home educators work from home opportunities.

Fun Fact!

Donna Marie’s girls Yasmin and Cailyn are the voices recorded on the explainer video on the home page. They were only 8 and 6 years old when they sang and recorded this in 2022 when the idea for Acorns.Community began. Their jingle starts at 2:03:

‘Your One Base Home Ed MarketPlace’ and ‘What’s On, Acorns.commUNITY!

watch and listen to our home made ACORNS.cOMMUNITY EXPLAINER VIDEO

Home Educators often have to make the hard financial decision to home educate as it is a lifestyle change from the centralised system having your sons and daughters full-time in the same building daily. Therefore being able to either create an income from the impact they create of becoming a Community Publisher or by gratefully receiving valued off-peak discounts from local businesses whilst they support them in their quieter times has always been forefront of the Founder’s mind when creating Acorns.Community CIC and its wholesome solutions.

Shop Local -Reward Local!

Want to support local businesses and receive off-peak rewards for valued custom?

Want to gain a new audience in your off peak times? Become a Might Business!

why not sign up for the acorns.COMMUNITY card for your discounts!

Acorns.Community is the Hub to bring Homemakers and Changemakers together across the UK, via its own comprehensive marketplace platform with the aim to locate all that you will need. We are also very excited that we have personally built our very own social media style platform with the well known user interface ‘feel’ but without it being owned, governed and controlled by BIG corp tech. Join Acorns Cosy Corner of the internet to vibe with your tribe in our very own private network. Join: Mighty Roots – Acorns Corner to build your home education connections further.

Vibe With Your Tribe! Grow Your Connections.

Why don’t you join us? Come hang out with us in Acorns Cosy Corner of the internet.

home education together helps mighty ROOTS grow – Acorns CORNER

Acorns.Community CIC are here to serve a purpose and ultimately connect the online to the offline and build a one base community platform with hyperlocal sites all across the UK that transpires in face to face connections locally.

Acorns.Community was created to make the home education navigation journey easier. Without having to be within by 100’s of groups on Social Media and Messaging Apps with the never-ending scroll.

The goal is to create Home Education Hubs throughout the UK and our Community Publishers are the vital part for this. But not only that, by uniting with Acorns.Community CIC, home educating mums and dads can finally find a role that provides them an income, doing what they love best, spending quality time with their families whilst educating them in the most wholesome way and helping others do the same.

Our Own Social Media Platform!

Mighty Roots

A Community Of Real Nourishing Support with our Home Education Generation tribe.


Donna Marie continues to have her own Digital Marketing Agency; Access Media Agency and The Home Mission which her home education journey is grateful for and integral to, as being able to home educate her two young daughter as well as being able to support the home education community within Acorns.Community CIC is Donna Marie’s overarching passion.

Community Impact Through Collaboration

We welcome collaboration ideas and suggestions, so feel free to reach out!

a c o r n s. community – contact us to collaborate further

The Home Mission has its name as there is a strong sense that everything must start at home, whether that is being able to discover the ‘Home Education Generation’, to ‘Access Home Healing’ and/or to ‘Access Home Business’, and The Home Mission is to empower as many as possible to be able to exit the system in all 3 pillars or just one that may apply to you right now.

Access Media Agency with Done For You ‘Friendly Funnels and Gorgeous Graphics’ as well as Digital Marketing Training for you to use to set up and ‘Access Home Business’ within your chosen niche and expertise. Or you can Access the Vault for PLR and Master Resell Rights to start your own agency to create passive income.

The Media Emporium that is ‘The Home Mission’, has 100’s & 100’s of media templates and tools to help use our journey to shorten yours as they are pre-made, done-for-you planners, media packs and so much more that are saving you time and energy. It’s a treasure trove that aims to empower and liberate your time.

Acorns.Community CIC… Bringing together communities.



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We are here to create!

Become the creator not the waiter!

Donna Marie xx

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