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If it takes a village to raise a child, let’s collaborate with our communities on Acorns.commUNITY!

– your one base home ed marketplace.co.uk

Feeling Overwhelmed and/or Alone?

If you get overwhelmed searching for what is on in your area for your Home Ed journey, and even though you may have found some great groups. Likewise it often feels too much and in far too many different places, platforms and chat groups with the never-ending scroll.

Feeling Unorganised, Exhausted, Frazzled?

Despite social media content in groups being valuable, it’s just becoming unmanageable as well as cluttering your mind. To begin with, you look frazzled before you even start the day trying to find that fab meet up again. So instead of being able to focus on your family offline in nature, you are still trawling online in multiple places to plan your days and find your tribe.

Feeling Distracted, Unaligned?

Not to mention the amount of distraction these social media platforms cause through deliberate dopamine surges and negative neuroscience. Instead switch and shift to a mindset of gratitude that acorns.community is solely for your home education needs. Particularly great for the many that have already left these platforms due to the low vibe energy.

Looking for a Solution?

If you would like to connect with your local Home Education Hubs, locally, in short, the possibility is here! Finally there is hope of a UK Network built by the people, for the people.

Using ‘What’s On’ Acorns.CommUNITY – Not only can you search for all of your home ed needs locally to you. As a result it becomes a One BaseHome Ed Market Place

Therefore, if you are a home educator, tutor, home education group, education supporter or provider, join Acorns.Community!

You can add your listing for FREE!

Transform Your Home Ed Journey Today!

No more trawling and finger-scrolling through many social media platforms and groups, to only get lost, confused, distracted and feeling even more overwhelmed!

Let mighty oaks grow – creating hubs together!

More than a Directory – a One Base, ‘Home Ed Marketplace’


Find your local

Home Education Hubs here!

  • Mums, Dads, Kids – Find Your Tribe
  • Find and Create Your Meet Ups
  • Find Resources & Reviews More Easily


A Collaborative Online Resource of

Nurturing Services – Add a Free Listing

www.acorns.commUNITY is your home!

  • Tutors – Get found instead of lost in scrolls
  • Make life easier with robust search & filter
  • Categorise and Showcase YOUR attributes


A Community Of Real Nourishing Support

…where mighty oaks grow!

Share with your Community. Join Us!

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What You Can Expect

  • Acorns.Community do not add ‘service charges’ to the original tutor/provider’s fees!
  • We do not require your bank details for you to add a free listing and accept bookings! Simple 1 page sign up!
  • Acorns.Community is the UNITY between home edder and home ed supporter.
  • Powerful Filters – no more endless scrolling!
  • Magic search saves you time, effort and hairlines and wrinkles!
  • Unity & Collaboration- One Base for all our home ed hubs.
  • Plan Your Days – Easily filter by multiple attributes.
  • Narrow your search requirements by cost, age, days, drop off etc
  • Top Categories – Educators, Sale or Swap, Topics, Events, Venues, Discounts and Challenges

Why acorns.community?

  • Its where mighty oaks grow! It’s FREE to join!
  • If we build it, they will come. Therefore, invite your communities, friends and providers to help make life a little easier!
  • Because by minimising our dependence on BIG Tech social media platforms, it is an empowerment and longevity move!
  • Because there are so many helpful resources, but spread out so much, making navigation harder than it need be.
  • Firstly its coming together in UNITY away from algorithms and agendas to focus on what’s important, home education.
  • Secondly, distractions come in many disguises, here your time is respected with key search features, as your family time is precious!
  • In conclusion, it is built with love and passion by locals who are making a difference to their lives and others.

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